"TeachTix provides professional, efficient and cost effective processing for all of our performance ticketing."
Jonathan Jackson, Teacher at Windermere High School
"TeachTix has transformed my program into a more professional style theatre."
Pamela McDonald, Teacher at Discovery Middle School
"TeachTix is a teacher’s dream come true! It takes the labor out of house management!"
Gail Chase, Teacher at Lake Nona High School
"Our ticket sales have increased, and the use of promo codes have saved us so much time and effort."
Ryan Skiles, Teacher at Timber Creek High School
"TeachTix has raised the level of quality on the tickets we provide our patrons and has in turn resulted in higher revenue for our performances."
Jonathan Jackson, Teacher at Windermere High
"We used TeachTix for our dance spring showcase, and it was basically flawless."
Tara Perry, Teacher at Timber Creek High School
"The community loves being able to select a seat ahead of time. TeachTix solved the issue of fights over saving a seat!"
Pamela McDonald, Teacher at Discovery Middle School
"We have used TeachTix for 2 years and love it! It has made our ticketing process so easy. The support they offer, as well as the product itself, is outstanding!"
Angie Dyer, Parent Ticketing Manager at Lake Nona High School
"I found TeachTix to be the most accessible way to solve any ticketing issues in my auditorium."
Lizzy Brannan, Teacher at Cornerstone Charter Academy
TEACHTIX Solutions
Everything you need to ticket any virtual or in-person event.
Health & Safety Guide
Physical Distancing Guide
Streaming Guide
Streaming Ticketing
Deliver your events virtually!
Monetized Streams
Donation only too.
Stop Link Sharing
Patrons get unique virtual tickets locked to IP address.
LIVE Streaming
Watch your event in the moment.
On-Demand Streaming
Patrons watch on their schedule.
Scheduled Content
"Watch Party" premieres of recorded content.
Equipment Advice
Help with best practices.
Video Editing
Help assembling your footage.*
Credit Card Tickets $0.50+5%
per ticket
Cash & Check Tickets FREE
Comp Tickets FREE*
Contact Us
Available throughout the United States
Paperless Ticketing
In-person ticketing. No equipment.
Online Ticketing
Patrons can buy online in advance.
NEW Physical Distancing
Venue assigned and automatic spacing. Learn more.
Assigned Seating
Patrons pick their seats online.
General Admission
Simple seating.
Payment at the Door
Tickets and receipts sent electronically.
Tiered Pricing Options
Charge more for your best seats.
Smartphone Scan
Scan tickets at the entrance.
Credit Card Tickets $0.50+5%
per ticket
Cash & Check Tickets FREE
Comp Tickets FREE*
Contact Us
Available throughout the United States
Complete Ticketing
Box Office Equipment for Walk Ups.
The Full Experience
Everything in the other solutions.
In-Person Training
We train your ticketing staff how to use equipment.
Three Ticketing Stations
Includes 3 laptops and 3 printers.
No Maintenance Needed
We keep things working.
Unlimited Ticket Stock
Never worry about running out of ticket stock.
Backup Hotspot
Don't worry when internet is out.
Power Strip, Card Reader, Gaff.
Credit Card Tickets $1 + 5%
per ticket
Cash & Check Tickets $0.50
per ticket
Comp Tickets FREE*
Contact Us
Available throughout Florida
All Solutions
Secure Online Payments
SSL security and PCI compliance.
Pricing Options
Have multiple price levels.
Accept Donations
Raise funds for your event.*
Concessions and Swag
Sell items connected to your event.
Tracking & Reporting
Make your bookkeeper smile.
Dispute Insurance
We protect up to $100 per year.*
Transparent Pricing
No setup, refund, or surprise fees.
Help Along The Way
Support is here to make it easy.
Fee Calculator
Adding price will estimate your ticket fee.*
My average ticket price is
Credit Card Tickets ???
per ticket
Cash & Check Tickets ???
per ticket
Complimentary Tickets FREE
Contact Us
Fine Print
You can "pass your fees" on to patrons or "absorb fees" into your total price. Note that "passing fees on" automatically increases the final amount, which also increases the fee. Fees are rounded to the nearest cent on each item sold (item-level calculation).

No processing fees are collected when an order is refunded to a patron.

Donations made by credit card incur a flat 5% fee when added to a ticket purchase. Donations without a ticket purchase incur a $0.50 + 5% fee. Cash donations do not incur any fee.

Credit Card Disputes
Patron disputes beyond the first $100 per calendar year incur a flat $15 fee per instance plus the order amount disputed. Dispute insurance only available for events that took place as planned or were properly refunded.

Video Editing
Extra fees apply for video editing based on scope of project.

Comp Tickets and Free Events
Free events are not eligible for the Complete Solution. If charging patrons using a separate payment processor on another website, comp tickets incur a $0.50 fee per ticket issued. Comp tickets incur no fee when sold through our website.

Sales Tax
TeachTix collects and remits sales tax on behalf of organizations in states where we have nexus. Events subject to sales tax cannot pass on ticketing fees.

Complete Solution
Box office equipment currently only available for organizations located in Florida.