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Guide to Streaming
Why stream?
How do I capture the stream?
LIVE, Pre-Recorded, or Both?
How do I make it awesome?
Why work with TeachTix?
How will TeachTix help protect my publisher's content?
What theatre publishers can I use with TeachTix?
How do I find out more?
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Why stream?
A New Way to Present
Face-to-Face isn't the only option.
  • First off, streaming events will NEVER replace face-to-face events.

  • It is simply a new way to present your event.

  • Streaming can act as a compliment to face-to-face events.
Expand Your Audience
Present across the world!
  • Streaming makes your audience size truly unlimited.

  • It is accessible to people unable to visit your venue in-person.

  • In fact, people can watch anywhere in the world!
Bridge the Gap
Present more frequently.
  • Streaming can fill the gap when meeting face-to-face isn't practical.

  • Streaming keeps people engaged with your content.

  • Audience can chat and ask questions without disrupting the stream.
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How do I capture the stream?
Video Conference
Present with Zoom, WebEx, and more!
Video Conference
  • Popular programs include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Big Blue Button, and Skype.

  • Presenters can turn on and off the camera to "leave the stage." Combine screensharing to weave in pre-recorded video and audio.

  • Inviting audience to the conference may cause interruptions. Instead, use a webinar feature or stream the conference to another platform.
Self-Shot Videos
Presenters record from home.
Video Selfie
  • Presenters record snippets of themselves to be edited together.

  • Be sure all presenters record consistently with similar settings.

  • Communicate clearly with presenters to limit re-shoots.
On Location
Single and Multi-Cam Setups
Camera Man
  • Presenters meet in a single location to stream or record for a virtual audience.

  • Setups range from DIY single camera setups to multi-cam professional shoots.

  • If streaming LIVE, hardwired broadband internet with at least 10 Mbps upload is required.
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LIVE, Pre-Recorded, or Both?
The energy and thrill of LIVE!
  • Viewers can engage via chat and ask questions truly LIVE!

  • If using video conference, presenters will experience "lag" which causes minor issues for speaking but causes major issues with group singing.

  • Just like in-person events, plan for challenges. Internet may go out. Presenters may be late.
Safety and Quality Control
  • This gives you full confidence on what is going out to viewers.

  • Quality tends to be higher than LIVE events due to capability to re-shoot and edit.

  • Share ON-DEMAND or make a pre-recorded video feel LIVE with a PREMIERE WATCH PARTY stream with chat.
Best of Both Worlds
Camera Man
  • Utilize screensharing or mixing software to weave your pre-recorded content into LIVE content.

  • If using video conference, any musical moments in your event should be pre-recorded and edited. Non-musical moments can be LIVE.

  • Engage your audience with a LIVE introduction and LIVE talkback.
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How do I make it awesome?
Lighting and Audio
Be seen and be heard!
Stage Light and Microphone
  • Be sure presenters are always front-lit and easily heard.

  • DIY lighting includes lamps, clip lights, and the sun! Professional lighting includes ring lights, soft boxes, and stage lighting.

  • Be sure to be close to microphones on phones or laptops. Consider external microphones and headsets.
Capture the event for your viewers.
Video Camera and Web Camera
  • The best camera is often the one you already have. Phone cameras are great! Built in webcams are often sub-par.

  • Pre-recording allows you to do more with one camera without breaking the budget and fiddling with connections.

  • If you are looking for truly professional quality LIVE video and have the budget, explore hiring a live streaming multi-camera crew in your area.
Put it all together!
Cutting filmstrip
  • The shorter and simpler your videos, the easier and quicker they will be to edit.

  • For pre-recorded content, popular editing programs include iMovie, OpenShot, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. For complex material, consider hiring a video editor.

  • For LIVE content, you may need a switcher/encoder. Look at OBS, Switcher, and StreamYard to mix your content LIVE.
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Why work with TeachTix?
Monetize Your Stream
No more link sharing!
  • Monetize access to stream and request additional donations during checkout.

  • Access can be limited. Links are locked to IP address and cannot be shared.

  • Videos cannot be downloaded. Full control over re-play options.
Video Editing
Simple to complex edits.
Cutting flimstrip
  • Add logos, countdowns, and other simple graphics free of charge for monetized video events on our platform.

  • Let us help create split-screen ("grid") videos to get many presenters singing and dancing as one!

  • Quotes for full-service video editing available based on length and complexity of video(s) needed.
Help Along the Way
We're ready to make your event happen!
Two hands grabbing
  • All questions answered along the way.

  • Technical advice to make your artistic vision come to life!

  • Customer service for patrons having issues.
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How will TeachTix help protect my publisher's content?
Truly Private Links
Unique link encoded for each order.
Lock and Key
  • Links are locked to IP address and device.

  • Using another patron's link will prompt patron to buy a new ticket.

  • Videos can only be viewed at TeachTix.com
Restricted Viewing
Be in charge of views.
Lock and User
  • Livestream re-play options can be disabled or limited.

  • Restrict the watch period for pre-recorded videos.

  • Videos cannot be downloaded.
Tracking and Reporting
Know who watched!
  • Keep count of how many viewers.

  • Collect patron information.

  • Find out who forgot to watch!
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What theatre publishers can I use with TeachTix?
Heuer Publishing
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Brooklyn Publishers
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Christian Publishers
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Concord Theatricals
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Stage Rights
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Dramatic Publishing
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Dramatists Play Service
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Youth Plays
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Other Publishers
Publisher not listed here? Reach out to your publisher or TeachTix for help getting approval.
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Publisher not listed here? Reach out to your publisher or CONTACT US for help getting approval.

How do I find out more?
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